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About OJO!

OJO! (=oh hoh) is a textile PROTEST project. Dealing with Colombia´s ongoing CIVIL WAR it uses textile design tools and language to convey a critical message to the local "elite" and the international community.

During this conflict that has lasted for decades, our sight has been involved in many ways, we haven´t had the WILL to look. Looking means accepting, getting involved, becoming aware...

During Colombian ongoing protests that have been going since the anti-Peace Process government settled in 2018, many young protesters, have lost their eyes if not killed by the brutality of state armed forces in the cities.

We are protesting because we have been able to SEE...

Empathy is a powerful tool to SEE.

The expression "OJO!" regardless of being very present on our daily lives, became relevant and mainstream the day the former president well known for his brutal ways and attacks towards Peace, harangued while being held prisoner for crimes warning his followers to "Beware about the year 2022" when new elections will be held...


About Us


Multistranded creative practitioner.

Textile designer, architect, and daily activist...

Protest for others and against your "kind" even if it means sacrificing your own comfort,

...and mental health...


Archive referenced

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